Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tapping Maples

I tapped a maple tree yesterday, after finding a tap in a Montreal restaurant, and a little bit of web research. So many questions - is it too late to tap, is it actually a sugar maple, will tapping hurt the tree, and will local teens vandalize the equipment? I felt ever so foolish drilling into the tree (3/8" drill, two inches deep, pointing slightly upwards at about waist level), hammering the tap into the hole (firm strokes are required - don't worry, the tree can handle more than you can dish out), and hanging my home-made pail (a two litre pop bottle with a hole cut at the top - slides right over the tap with no need for a lid). But it was all worthwhile when the sap started flowing.

Managed to collect about about two litres of sap on that first day.


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