Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Old friends...

Ran across Chaos Manor Reviews earlier today. Jerry Pournelle was one of my favourite authors in my youth, and I always enjoyed reading his technology commentary in BYTE. His writing is wonderful - good storytelling combined with solid science (even when the science is science fiction;) Even so, it's been years since I've read anything from him - I guess I lost track of him in the bustle of my life, and the tidal wave of content that makes up modern life.

So I dove into his writing again - his post on the iPad is engaging, thoughtful, and (most importantly) speaks to my point of view on the technology. (To wit, that the iPad is a great consumer device, but not a "producer" device. But that's not the point of this posting.)

What a treat... it's kind of like bumping into an old friend you weren't expecting to see. Thanks, Jerry.

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