Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mike and Me

A couple of days ago, two students were ejected from a political rally because they had posted a facebook picture of themselves with another candidate.  This is the first election that they can vote in, and they were diligently listening to all sides of the story.  Somehow, the campaign office and/or the police decided that they were too dangerous to be in the same room with the candidate.  Check out the video that somebody nearby recorded (courtesy of CBC.)  Pretty dangerous.

For fun, I thought I might upload an image of myself with Ignatieff, but, unfortunately I've never met the man.  After a little programming, and some image stitching , I had my new facebook profile:

Me and Mike and Awish Aslam.  (Almost!)

If you want your own image, you can stitch one up with "Mike and Me", available from  The program captures your face from your webcam, and stitches it into the student's face.  Hit the space bar, and your face will switch to the other student.  Pose with a friend, and you'll both be included.

Pose with a friend.

Interested? Read more coverage of the story from the London Free PressCBC, Vancouver Sun, and the Globe and Mail.

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  1. Update: The day before the election, Harper did meet with Ms Aslam.

    ‎"I feel like now I'm more angry. We didn't even get an 'I'm personally sorry for you'," Aslam said.

    There's a clip and an article at